Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) has taken a special initiative for supplying water-soluble fertilizer to various parts of the central districts where the standing crops had been damaged following sharp showers in the past three days.

The standing crop of pulses, particularly black gram, had been badly damaged because of moderate to heavy showers in various parts of the central region.

As the stagnant water is likely to affect the yield, IFFCO has identified the villages for supply of water-soluble fertilizer to the fields in the central region. While a majority of the villages in the central region had been brought under pulses, the excess rain in Thanjavur district had been a problem to the farmers

Two types of water-soluble fertilisers “IFFCO 1744” and “IFFCO 18-18-18” can be applied for saving the crop suffered by inundation. The “IFFCO 1744” fertilizer had been the much sought fertilizer by farmers.

“The immediate application of the water soluble IFFCO 1744 acts as an immediate relief measure and we make wide advertisement about the problems otherwise caused by in the inundation,” said D. Subramanian, Chief Area Manager, IFFCO.

Continued stagnation of water would reduce the yield per acre from four bags to just one bag each of 60 kg. The fertilizer would prevent the loss, he said. The price of the fertilizer was also fair.

As compared to the open market rate of Rs. 200, the price through the IFFCO was just Rs.130. About 15 tonnes had been moved to areas where the standing pulses had been badly damaged.

“Tiruvarur and Tirukattupalli in Thanjavur district are the worst-hit areas in the central region,” he said.