To increase the area under pulse crops we supported farmers for critical inputs (seeds of improved varieties, biofertilisers, NPK fertilisers, phospho-gypsum and zinc sulphate). The productivity of pulses increased significantly with best management practices and helped improving soil, human and animal health.

For example, Productivity of pulses increased significantly from 6 to 11.55 q/ha of blackgram, 7 to 118.55 q/ha of pigeonpea, 15.15 to 24.24 q/ha of chickpea, 14.50 to 21.57 q/ha of pea and 8.50 to 13.99 q/ha of lentil.

Introduction of short duration pigeonpea – wheat cropping system in place of sorghum + pigeonpea mixed cropping system helped improving soil health and enhancing farmers profit. The cropping intensity was increased by taking short duration greengram in summer as a catch crop after harvest of wheat. Greengram and blackgram were also introduced as spring season crop after harvest of mustard and potato which helped improving cropping intensity and farmers’ income and finally help ensuring food, nutrition and environment security.